part of life..

Everyday life

Life has many parts to go through..many good and bad things happens..
That’s life,or only a part of it..
If u think u have through many good & bad things,another session is awaited..

Born as someone’s child..
Have parents or only single parent..
Have sister/brother(s) or only child..
Going to school with good or bad grade..
Bad or happy childhood times..
Having and losing friends..
Having fun or can’t have a fun times..
Having and losing boyfriend..
Engaged and get marry..
Long lasting marriage or divorce..
Giving birth or failed..
Taking care own kid..
Becoming a good parents or bad one..
Becoming a good grandparents or bad one..

Many things could happen in this life..
All we have to remember that God gives the best for us..
Whatever it is,it must be something..something that only God knows what!

Deal with it!!
Face it!!
Do your best to go through it..
How much hard or easy the things..
Never giving up,coz hope is a pray!
Keep hoping!
Keep trying!
Keep struggling!
Keep praying!!

May God show us the bestest way to live this life..



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