I am back!!

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Yup.. am back, after my SG trip for 5 days 4 nights with my sick sister.

Alhamdulillah, this was my 3rd times to SG in a year. Knapa mau bolak balik? Firstly tiket murah, tapi emang biaya hidup mahal. I never wrote my SG story here. So I may start now..

The very 1st I stepped at Lion Country was on end of January with my brother. I’ve never go to SG before, the nearest country. This is the 2nd time berpetualang dengan si Adik. We were staying at Lucky Plaza, an apartment, small room with separated bathroom cost SGD 70/nite. But it very close with the MRT. It was a very tired yet happy experience with bro, we travelled around SG, visited few famous places such Sentosa, Science Center, Singapore Flyer, the malls, also we crossed to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to visited Vincci for shopping! LOL 😀

2nd times I went to SG with my family, parents, sisters, bro & my nephews! Great experience, coz my parents always never wanted to go travelling beside go to the Holy Land, Mekkah. We were staying at Ibis Hotel at Bencoleen cost quite expensive about SGD 168/nite. We stayed there bcoz of the kiddo & parents. Near to Bugis MRT but not that close, need to talk about 10mnts walk & quite tired 😀

3rd times the very new one was on 8 – 12 July..just me and my sister (2nd sister). This time was quite challenging trip. Why? 1stly my passport validation is less than 6months, the air crew in Soetta + imgration said that they allow me to go but it’s gonna be my risk if SG imigration reject my passport! Weleeeehh…. So with Bismillahirohmanirrohim, finally I made it! 😀 I also visited Johor Bahru (again) for Vincci! 😀 We were staying at Hotel Bugis 81, cost about SGD 105/nite. The room was small but its okelah just for sleep over. Another thing that challenging, my sister was sick!hahaha.. I couldn’t go too long and too far, she was gondongan!hihihi.. but Alhamdulillah on our last day she was feeling well and can finished the trip very well though not that satiesfied since we hadn’t visit the Marina Bay area, the most famous place at this time. Ah selain itu, yg menarik adalah saya menggunakan Lufthansa!!hehe.. too excited secaraa 2x ke SG selalu pk Lion Air :p

Never easily get bored to Singapore, but of course saya mau petualangan lain di negara yang berbeda juga.. Dan yah,I bought few stuffs to be sold here, wait for my next post 😀



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