Thailand Trip



So I had an amazing Thailand trip from May 27 to June 1 (June 2 actually, but the flight was at 8am, it’s not counted lah)

Niatnya memang mau berkelana pada akhir May yang sungguh dihiasi dengan tanggal merah itu, ntah kemana, seorangan pun tidak apa, just really-really need a getaway. Eh yah tapinya si kakak melancarkan serangan untuk menjadikan ini liburan bersama kedua orang tua terkasih, so off we go!

This was our second trip together (four of us; me, sis, mom & dad), last trip was to HK – Beijing. The first one was Dad’s wish list, he always wanted go to China and see the great wall.. Moreover, once upon a time there was a quote or hadith said “Uthlubul ‘ilma walaw bishshiin” (Seek knowledge even as far as China) plus we (Me and Dad) are die hard fans of Chinese kung fu movies, one of them was titled “Return of the Condor Heroes”.hihihi.. I went to China before and I had fallen in love with China, the culture, history, language, amused me. Will have it written here one day 🙂 Next target: Shanghai, Harbin, Xi’an, Yangtze River and all I guess!! *maruk* Not forgot to mention its exotic neighbor: Mongolia and Tibet 😀

This second trip was dedicated to Mom who really wanted to see Bangkok from quite some time ago (since many of her friends had traveled there also I guess). Since I’ve never wanted to waste any of my travel moment, I always try to explore as much as I could.. not only one prominent/particular city (like I did for my previous trips), but within the budget and energy of course.hehehe..

In this Thailand 6D 5N trip, I arranged us to experiencing four cities: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya and Bangkok. And yesss Alhamdulillah, everybody happy, pleased, has many story to tell (we went there when Thailand is under martial law) and willing to travel back to another part of Thailand, since Thai is quite amazing (just like their tourism slogan “Amazing Thailand”).

Perjalanan Thailand kali ini ada yang minta bantuan juga sama travel agent lokal karena belum pernah kesana juga kan plus bersama orangtua yang tujuannya juga membuat mereka senang bukan bingung.hihihi.. Bermodalkan googling di internet, itinerary perjalanan cukup padat dan sepertinya cukup meng-capture tiap-tiap kotanya.

I will write the story in different pages ASAP yah..

Selamat menikmati 🙂



the sweetest ‘souvenir’ I found there! LOL. Hi Jimmy! 😀


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